Priest Dress

In the celebration of Holy Qurbana the priest wears 8 and the Bishop wears 12 pieces of vestments. 

1. The white robe denotes original purity 

2. The black robe (the Kootheeno) (Black cassock) denotes the sinful nature. 

3. The surplice (the white robe) denotes that the sins are cleansed and made white and bright by the blood of Christ and it reminds us to worship the Lord in holiness. 

4. The stole (Hamniya) the two ends of the Oororo which the deacons wore over the shoulders are stitched together and put over the neck to hang down to the front. It is the gird of strength to defend the attack of enemies. (Psalm 18: 39-40) and the breast plate of righteousness (Ephe: 6:14) It is also said to be the wings of angels and the breast plate of Aaron 

5. The Girdle (the belt) It is the belt or sword upon the thigh to fight against Satan. (Psalm 45:3) Job 38:3 It is the belt of truth buckled around his waist. (Eph 6:14) 

6. The sleeves (The zindo) wears on both hands. It denotes the hands are extended for righteousness and good works (Psalm 18:34-35) 

7. The Chasuble or cope (Kappa) (Phino) It is the ecclesiastical outer vestment wore over all other garments. The priests are clothed with righteousness. (Psalm 132:9-10) It is the robe of glory and salvation. It denotes the precious robe of Aaron the robe of angels of heaven, the robe of the Lord, the mantle of Elijah. 

8. The Shoes It is the fitted feet of the gospel of peace (Eph : 6:15) (Isai 52:7) (2 cor : 10:5) 

The Bishop’s special additional vestments 

9. Sheelamudi It denotes that the blessings of the Holy spirit is the Bishop 

10. Pallium (Patraseen) A garment wears over the cope or Kappa to the front and to the back. It denotes that he is the watcher of sacrament and faith. (Exodus 28:6-12). Also it declares that he is the ruler of the church. Further it denotes the protection in the shadow of the Tabernacle. (Psalm 27:5) 

11. The crosier (The pastoral staff) This is the mighty scepter extended from Zion by the Lord (Psalm 110:2) It makes evident that he has the authority like the shepherd,. This is equivalent to the rod of Moses and Aaron. 

12. The cross (Sleeba) It reveals the perfection of the sacrament in the Holy Church (Psalm 34:5) “Those who look to him are radiant, their faces are never covered with shame”. Like this those who look at the cross will be strengthened, enemies pushed back, foes trampled upon (Psalm 44:5)