Our Vicar

Rev. Fr. C. A. Thomas, Chirathalackal is actively involved in the Ecumenical movement and was the President of the St. Thomas Ecumenical Federation in 1996. In 2001 when Rev. Dr. P.P.Philips resigned as the third Administrator, the late lamented Clemis Metropolitan appointed Rev. Fr. C. A. Thomas as the next Administrator of our Community. He was the fourth  Administrator of the North American Knanaya Community.

 Rev. Fr. C.A. Thomas earned his B.A. from Christian College, Chengannoor, Kerala in 1973 and took his Bachelor of Divinity from Serampore University in Calcutta, India in 1982. He has served as vicar of St. Thomas Church, Clifton, N.J, St. Peter’s Church, Yonker’s N.Y and presently serving St. Joseph’s Church, Long Island, New York.