Late Bishops

The late Abraham Mor Clemis, Chief Metropolitan of the East

Mor Clemis was born into the Vayala family in Ranni, on April 22, 1918 as the sixth offspring of Mr. & Mrs. Idiculla Kochidiculla. His brother Vayala Idiculla was a well-known political leader and a freedom fighter. Young Abraham’s liking was to be a politician, but God had other plans for him. Like Moses, when the Knanaya people had no bishop for a long period of time, God called him to be their Shepherd.. Mor Clemis joined the church as a deacon at a young age. A graduate in Theology and Political Sciences, Mor Clemis studied at Seminaries in Manjinikkara, Alwaye, Mosul, Homs, and Union Theological Seminary in New York. Consecrated Knanaya Diocesan Bishop in 1951, Mor Clemis served that office for 52 years.

Mor Severios  Geevarghese (First Metropolitan of the Knanaya Diocese)

Mor Severios Geevarghese was the first Metropolitan of the Knanaya diocese. He was born in 1851 to Kasiso Philipose of the Edavazhickal family, the vicar of Kottayam Valiyapally, and Kunjachi. After his primary education Geevarghese prepared to become a priest. He was the 10th priest of the famous Edavazhickal family that has produced many gifted men, most well known among whom is the Church historian E.M. Philip. On 31st August 1910, Patriarch Mor Ignatius `Abded Aloho ordained Fr. Geevarghese Edavazhickal as the first Knanaya Bishop with the name Mor Severios. Around that period, the reformation movement that was very active in Malankara rocked the Knanya Community also. At Kottayam, Kallissery and Ranny many faithful of the Knanaya community along with some priests joined the new movement and created a rift in the churches.

H. G. Thomas Mor Dioskoros Metropolitan

Mor Dioskoros Thomas, the second bishop of the Knanaya Diocese, was ordained as Metropolitan at Jerusalem in 1926. Initially he assisted Mor Severious Geevarghese Metropolitan and took over the administration of the diocese at the demise of Mor Severious. He was from the famous Thervaladi descendants of the Knights of  Thekkumkoor royal family. His mother belonged to the famous Ottathycal family at Chingavanam, where his father was resided, as there were no male members there.  In his administrative period the 'Patriarchal Bull No. 42 was issued by "Patriarch Elias III". The Bull proclaimed that Knanaya diocese shall always be directly under the holy throne of Antioch. Construction of the Ephraim Seminary building was completed during his time. The Vanitha Mandiram (Kurichy) and Mor Severious High School (Ranny) were established during his time. Unfortunate Mor Diascoros joined Roman Catholic Church in November 1939.